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Sany training appreciation elite is refined in this way

Guide: training is considered to be the biggest benefit of Sany. From the recent work reports of the relevant leaders of the business units and subsidiaries, it is not difficult to find that this concept has always been running through the work of the past year. Sany people have continuously appreciated and become successful in training. In 2010, Sany leaders will effectively

training is considered as the biggest benefit of Sany. From the recent work reports of the relevant leaders of the business divisions and subsidiaries, it is hard to find that they were all born in the United States in 2015. This concept has been running through the work of the past year. Sany people have continuously appreciated and become successful in training. In 2010, Sany leaders will effectively "help employees succeed" to a new height, and sany's talent training work will open a new chapter

when it comes to Sany, people always think of Sany's innovation ability first. R & D innovation has promoted the rapid development of Sany, a private enterprise. What makes Sany proud is that Sany has a high-quality R & D team

how did this great elite team grow up? "In 2009, the General Research Institute organized 167 training sessions, 10797 person times, 700 class hours and 46054 person hours." We can see a little from the group of data mentioned by Yi Xiaogang, executive president of Sany Heavy Industry

comprehensive improvement

at present, Sany group has more than 3800 R & D personnel, more than 600 of whom are specialized in the research and development of concrete machinery, of which 50% have doctor's or master's degrees

Sany has always attached importance to the improvement of R & D skills and self-cultivation of R & D personnel. In 2009, Sany, under the financial crisis, while comprehensively controlling various expenses, put forward the policy of "no ceiling for R & D and training expenses", which shows Sany's great determination and strength in talent training

it is learned that in order to lead this R & D team, the internal training for R & D personnel of the General Research Institute was carried out in 2009, with a total of 96 sessions and 1165 person times. There were 71 sessions and 9632 person times of training for R & D personnel of the whole group. The training content covers various important R & D skills such as special academic lectures, test skills, improvement of R & D means, standardization, project management, team cooperation, etc

in 2009, Sany strengthened the quality control of the R & D process while paying attention to the R & D speed, and the product R & D policy was more inclined to the test and detection to effectively ensure the R & D quality. A series of experimental inspection training also came into being. In this year, the R & D personnel of test and easy to use test received many training on testing technology such as material fatigue, stress testing and modal analysis, which effectively improved the test and testing ability of the personnel in the test and testing center and the infrastructure of enterprise test and testing technology

in order to effectively improve the R & D skills of R & D personnel, the research institutes of Sany business division have held "R & D skills application competition". At the same time, there were 15 certifications of organization analysis, hydraulic simulation, finite element and pro/e sheet metal R & D skills. A total of 773 people were certified, and the certification pass rate was 91.33%. These activities have effectively promoted the application of modern R & D means in the group

popularizing intellectual property rights

in 2009, Sany made remarkable achievements in intellectual property protection. China's extruder industry has many beneficial conditions in terms of foreign trade export. At the beginning of this year's new year, Sany's intellectual property work was also specially praised by zhangchunxian, Secretary of the Hunan provincial Party committee. He said that further improving intellectual property work is inevitable for Sany to expand overseas and enhance its international competitiveness

in order to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, the three parties organized 11 sessions of intellectual property related training for the group in 2009. Sany conducted training on the use of Sany patent database and innovation database for full-time and part-time patent personnel of Changsha headquarters of the group and various field research institutes; New R & D personnel and part-time patent engineers of various research institutes were trained in basic knowledge of annual patents, patent retrieval and patent analysis; Organized the Sany group "Sany cup intellectual property in my heart" knowledge competition. Sany also trained pumping marketing representatives on patent protection of pumping products to enhance their awareness of intellectual property protection

in addition, Sany also organized the intellectual property department to go to Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Guiyang and other places to participate in various intellectual property related training organized by the Changsha Intellectual Property Office, the Provincial Intellectual Property Office, the Beijing Intellectual Property Office and the State Intellectual Property Office, effectively improving the business level of the personnel of the intellectual property department

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