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After the release of the exposure draft of the plastic futures contract, the Dachang Exchange issued a notice yesterday that it would conduct the system test of the plastic futures contract exchange on July 13 and 20. Analysts said that the trading system test marks that the listing of plastic futures contracts of the big commercial exchange has entered a sprint stage

according to the system test notice of the plastic futures contract Exchange issued by Dachang, the joint test of the trading system is scheduled to be conducted from 17:30 to 18:30 today and the 20th. In the test, the code of the new linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) is l, and there are 10 contracts, including l0710, l0711, l0712, l0801, l0802, l0803, l0804, l0805, l0806 and l0807. The trading unit is 5 tons/hand. The fluctuation limit is 4% of the settlement price of the previous trading day

lldpe is refined from crude oil. Due to its excellent tensile and ductile properties, LLDPE has been applied to almost all traditional polyethylene markets, including film, injection molded products, wires and cables, etc

Xiang, the head of Zhuo Chuang information, said that in the spot market, many enterprises want to take the opportunity of listing plastic contracts to broaden their profitability

in 2006, China's LLDPE consumption reached 3.64 million tons, but the production capacity was more than strict. This is what the company's technicians shared with you about the components of the fatigue testing machine that need maintenance and the characteristics of the equipment. LLDPE imports high-tech products such as variable-frequency capacitor pumps and water turbine units, which are mainly researched and developed, and have been maintained at more than 40%. In 2006, the import volume was 1.54 million tons, and the external dependence was 42%

Hu Yinyuan, an analyst at e-trade consulting, said that by 2010, China's LLDPE self-sufficiency rate will rise to more than 75%. The increase of self-sufficiency rate will break the supply-demand balance in the domestic LLDPE market in the short term, resulting in a significant decline in the complete data grid of the gauge length measurement system using Taiwan's high-precision large deformation extensometer to measure the device's price strength performance and optical performance, and the import volume will shrink for a period of time after the expansion of production

Hu Yinyuan predicts that the LLDPE market will continue to operate at a high level in 2007, but it is difficult to break the high point of last year. The import volume of LLDPE is roughly the same as that in 2006 or shrank slightly--- International Finance News

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