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Delta group: adhere to environmental protection and mechanical automation at the 20th Beijing Taiwan Science and Technology Forum summit, zhengchonghua, founder and honorary chairman of delta group, said that since, the power products produced by Delta have saved 20.8 billion kilowatt hours for customers, and other products are also working towards energy saving and automation. Environmental protection and mechanical automation are the development philosophy that Delta has always adhered to, so it needs more complex and huge electric cabinets and goals

according to zhengchonghua, Delta has been working hard to improve the development of power plants. In 2000, for sheath extrusion, delta environment and Education Foundation cooperated with 10 universities in China to set up delta power electronics science and education development plan and Zhongda scholars plan. By 2016, the above plans have completed a total of 16 delta power electronics new technology seminars, nearly 280 scientific research projects, and more than 1000 people have won delta scholarships

besides, delta also attaches great importance to mechanical automation. Zhengchonghua said that before, most of the equipment in Delta's automatic production line was imported from abroad, which cost a lot of costs. For this reason, Delta has spent 20 years developing automation equipment and achieved good results. It is precisely because of the mastery of automation technology that delta did not have any problems in terms of performance during the period of shortage of workers

it is understood that delta group is a leading manufacturer of global power management and heat dissipation solutions. Its development in mainland China originated from the Pearl River Delta region. At present, the company has set up four major production bases in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. The company plans to build factories in Mianyang and Wujiang, Jiangsu. At the same time, it has 23 research and development centers and more than 3000 research and development engineers until the sample cracks. In 2016, delta group's revenue in China exceeded 39.7 billion yuan

xushengxiong, chairman of the Taiwan Federation of industry, said that at present, enterprises on both sides of the Taiwan Straits are facing transformation needs. Taiwanese businessmen have great advantages in product innovation and international operation ability, and mainland enterprises have sufficient experience in basic research and development, cost control and so on. Strengthening cooperation between enterprises on both sides of the Taiwan Straits can complement each other's advantages and achieve win-win interests

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