Taiwan has successfully developed precision linear

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Taiwan has successfully developed a precision linear slide rail

according to overseas media reports, Taiwan Shangyin Technology (hwin) has successfully developed a linear slide rail, which has been widely used in machine tools, automation industry and semiconductor equipment

the newly launched four row type is single circular arc tooth contact, and integrates the overweight with the best design structure. If you have any questions, you can contact us: the load precision linear slide rail can increase the load and rigidity capacity by more than 30% compared with other four row linear slide rails of the same type. With four-way load characteristics and automatic center adjustment function, it can absorb the assembly error of the mounting surface

Shanghai silver technology has launched three series of new products this year, including: 1. Four row overweight load linear slide rail. The product emphasizes high speed, high load, high rigidity and high precision. Its application fields are as follows: machining center machine, precision machining, heavy cutting machine, marble cutting machine, grinder, ejector, punch, automation equipment, transportation equipment

II. Heavy load low temperature ball screw. HIWIN's new special ball screw for all electric injection molding machine has created a new era of low temperature and heavy load ball screw. This technology can not only reduce the heat source generation and thermal expansion of the ball screw during high-speed operation, achieve the purpose of high speed and high precision, but also increase its durability and save the manufacturing cost of the injection molding machine

III. precision linear module. With the maturity of linear transmission products, Shanghai Banking Corporation integrates ball screw and linear slide rail technology to develop a precision linear stage, which has single axis and multi axis (X-Y table) types, and has obtained patents from the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries

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