Taiwan agrees to import adhesive film from the mai

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Taiwan agrees to import BOPP film from the mainland news from Taipei, Taiwan Dongqing company has been able to reduce the number of sub components - the door module of this kind of thermoplastic composite material is only composed of six components. It has always insisted on continuously improving and improving the quality management system. It has agreed that the biaxial extended polypropylene (BOPP) film produced by Guangzhou Hongming plastic company will be sold back to Taiwan, Valid until 31 December 2000, the import volume of Taiwan is 5000 tons. It is reported that Taiwan adhesive tape association has completed negotiations with domestic adhesive tape manufacturers on the 15th. A total of 18 companies have obtained quotas, ranging from 100 tons to 2500 tons. Among them, Hongzhong Industrial Co., Ltd. received 2500 tons of quota, Asia Chemical Co., Ltd. received 500 tons, Siwei enterprise also received 250 tons of secondary quality, Jintong Chemical Co., Ltd. and Yanzhou Co., Ltd. received 200 tons each, Taiwan JuShui adhesive tape Co., Ltd. received 150 tons, and the remaining 12 companies received 100 tons

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