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Taiwan media lamented that the "new southward orientation" of semiconductor elite enterprises in mainland China could not stop talents from moving westward

sunshiwei, former vice chairman of Taiwan Lianhua Electronics Co., Ltd., joined the mainland Ziguang group on the 9th, becoming another Taiwan heavyweight elite who joined the mainland semiconductor enterprises after gaoqiquan, former chairman of huayake, joined Ziguang and jiangshangyi, a "veteran" of front-end TSMC, became an independent director of SMIC

the news shocked the Taiwanese industry. When exploring the new development path of plastic granulator technology, the Taiwanese media sighed that the policy of "Xinnan then measures the feedback value of the sensor" could not stop "Taiwan will move westward"

Ziguang Group officially announced that sunshiwei was appointed as the global executive vice president of Ziguang group. According to Ziguang insiders, sunshiwei will assist Ziguang group in setting up a 12 inch wafer factory in Chengdu, and help Ziguang group plan the key independent logic chip manufacturing business of "from core to cloud", which will go hand in hand with the memory business

Lianhua Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "liandian") is the first semiconductor company in Taiwan. Together with TSMC, Lianhua Electronics Co., Ltd. is also known as "Taiwan's leading wafer company", ranking among the top five in the global market. Sun Shiwei specializes in research and development, and is responsible for the operation of liandian's R & D center and wafer factory, as well as the expansion of global wafer foundry business. After he took the post of CEO of liandian, it took him only one year to get liandian out of the bottom of its operation and triple its market value

the mainland has the largest domestic demand market in the world, and the world wants a share. For the Taiwanese industry, it is a pity for the shareholders not to seize the business opportunities in the mainland market. TSMC has set up a factory in Nanjing, liandian has set up a factory in Xiamen, and Lijing has set up a factory in Hefei to strive for a larger market

Taiwan's semiconductor talents are all-round. In addition, the languages on both sides of the Taiwan Straits are interlinked, so mainland operators naturally try their best to come to Taiwan to rob people. The Taiwan authorities have come up with a "new southward" policy, and want operators to dilute the westward policy and invest in Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, the supporting facilities have not been done well. Especially Southeast Asia is not the focus of the semiconductor industry, but it is naturally more difficult to prevent talents from westward

the semiconductor market is a global competition, which drives the T-type screw pair to drive the load sensor to rise and fall after the deceleration of the variable speed mechanical mechanism. The talents in this field are also a global flow. Where the market is, the talents will go. The mainland will certainly become the world's largest semiconductor market in the next few years, and more opportunities will come only after the first card position; It is a global trend for talents to go to the mainland, which is difficult to stop. As the saying goes, good birds choose trees to live in. If the mainland can provide better opportunities and more salaries, it can naturally attract more people to strive for better job opportunities

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