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Shanying International: the controlling shareholder Taisheng industry lifted the pledge of 50million shares

release date: Source: each brand's popularity further increased the daily economy

Shanying International announced in the evening of February 19 that Shanying International Holding Co., Ltd. recently received a notice from the controlling shareholder Fujian Taisheng Industry Co., Ltd. about the release of the pledge of some of its shares in the company, Taisheng industry released the pledge of 50million shares of the company's tradable shares with no sale conditions after the pledge to CITIC Securities Co., Ltd. was unloaded, and completed the relevant pledge release procedures

2020 semi annual report shows that the main businesses of Shanying international are papermaking, packaging, special paper, commodity circulation and others, accounting for 56.7% of the revenue respectively. From import to self production, the market capacity of 8% plastic extruders will be further expanded, 20.37%, 11.92%, 6.38% and 4.55%

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