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In recent years, the overall wardrobe has become popular in the home market Compared with ordinary furniture, the overall wardrobe has customized personalized services and high cost performance, which is welcomed by more and more consumers

the whole wardrobe has been in Europe and America for decades, but it is only in recent years that it has entered the Chinese market and developed rapidly. "As long as it is not made into a round one, any kind of wardrobe can be customized in us." The person in charge of karoya wardrobe said that the overall wardrobe is favored by the majority of consumers because it can be customized. Ordinary furniture has established style, and mass production is difficult to meet personalized needs. The overall wardrobe can communicate the design style with the designer and conduct field measurement to achieve 100% space utilization

customized wardrobe can not only be embedded back into the wall, but also extend upward to the roof, making full use of the room space. Whether the internal pattern of the wardrobe can be optimized at will is also compared between ordinary furniture and customized furniture. Does the customized service mean the high price

this is not the case. Customized furniture at the same price can get more storage space. Take the wardrobe with a height of 2.2 meters, a width of 2.2 meters and a depth of 60 cm as an example. If a more practical pattern is considered, it will cost about 5000-6000 yuan to buy it in Yifeng, top 100 and other panel furniture brand stores, provided that domestic panels are used. If imported plates are used, the price shall be at least 8000. In karoya, 6000 yuan can be made into a wardrobe with a height of 2.5 meters, a width of 2.5 meters and a depth of 60 cm, including the cabinet door

the pricing method of the overall wardrobe according to the plate area can make consumers know how to spend money. For example, adding a drawer or L-shaped pants rack is about 150-200 yuan. Knowing the pricing method and basically the same price make the overall wardrobe more a selling point than ordinary furniture on the advantage of customized personalized services

the overall wardrobe can be customized according to the actual needs of different families, which has a good effect on improving the space utilization rate, so it has a higher cost performance. At the same time, the transparent pricing method allows consumers to beautify. Every penny can be seen and spent realistically




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