Pinai cabinet enterprise upgrades the core value o

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Pinai kitchen cabinet enterprise upgrades the core value of the overall kitchen cabinet

[pinai kitchen cabinet guide] the upgrading of kitchen cabinet enterprises is mainly from the aspects of kitchen cabinet material selection, hardware accessories, kitchen cabinet processing equipment, production technology and product quality certification. The upgrading of cabinet enterprises can bring the core value of the overall cabinet

the kitchen (kitchen decoration effect drawing) plays a more and more important role in the decoration of the whole house. Therefore, the beautiful, concise and practical overall cabinet has been welcomed by many consumers. After experiencing the enthusiasm in the early stage of product development, the cabinet market is becoming calm. Although kitchen electric enterprises have launched their own overall cabinet products, the overall cabinet market has entered an embarrassing situation of "applauding but not being popular"

cabinet enterprises upgrade the core value of the overall cabinet

under this background, based on the basis of style unification, cabinet enterprises propose to build a perfect overall cabinet system and excavate the core value of the overall cabinet with health technology. From stylism to healthism, cabinet enterprises have explored the way to upgrade the value of the overall cabinet

open China's overall cabinet Market in the name of "style"

entering the new century, Chinese kitchens can be described as great changes. From the built kitchen, balcony, style kitchen, to the big kitchen, to the open kitchen... The kitchen has become a place to reflect the warmth and grade of the family. As people attach importance to kitchen decoration, the perfect combination of kitchen electricity and cabinets has also become the bud of China's overall cabinets

under the trend of home decoration stylization, the integration of kitchen appliances provides the possibility to unify the kitchen style. In the early stage of the market, brands led by cabinet enterprises, fotai and Siemens completed the integration of kitchen appliances and cabinets based on embedded stylized solutions, creating the outline of China's overall cabinet. The style design and fashion performance based on the embedded system have become an important driving force for the overall cabinet decoration

with the popularization of the concept of overall cabinet, many enterprises began to rush into the industry to search for gold. Although these enterprises promote in the name of overall cabinet, in the eyes of consumers, it is a simple product portfolio, even patchwork, lack of overall design, and the performance and quality of related products are very uneven. Therefore, consumers are more willing to split and buy products, which hinders the development of the overall cabinet market

industry experts pointed out that the overall cabinet is very different from the traditional single sale cabinet and kitchen appliances. In terms of product categories, enterprises need to provide relatively complete kitchen appliances; In terms of product design, designers must reasonably arrange and skillfully match cabinets, Kitchenware and various kitchen appliances according to their shape, size and use requirements, so as to realize the integration of kitchen appliances

seven health protection, cabinet enterprises upgrade the core value of the overall cabinet

cabinet enterprises that have worked hard in the kitchen and bathroom market for many years have their own unique understanding of the overall cabinet. Cabinet enterprises believe that the overall cabinet must first have grade, and reflect the exquisite requirements of high-end consumers for product quality and performance; Secondly, the overall cabinet should conform to the home decoration style and meet the different aesthetic needs of consumers; Third, for a Chinese family, the overall cabinet should include seven products, namely, range hood, gas stove, disinfection cabinet, microwave oven, electric oven, steam oven and water purifier

from environmental health to cooking health to eating health, cabinet enterprises have built a health system for family kitchens. Carrying the designer's grasp of the deep-seated needs of consumers, kitchen Qibao makes kitchen life return to the simplicity and purity of nature, so that the whole family can enjoy a healthy home life. From stylism to healthism, the kitchen seven treasures of the overall cabinet enterprise broke the industry barriers, and the binary standard of "style + health" has also become a new concept of the overall cabinet. Industry insiders believe that product demands that meet the core interests of consumers will drive a new round of growth in the overall cabinet industry




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