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Chibi is located in the southern border of Hubei Province, which is the contact zone between Mufu low mountains and hills and Jianghan Plain, and the terrain gradually tilts from south to north. The ancient battlefield of the Three Kingdoms - Chibi scenic spot Chibi scenic spot is located 38 kilometers northwest of Chibi City. In the 13th year of Jian'an in the Eastern Han Dynasty (208 A.D.), the famous "battle of Chibi" in Chinese history took place here. Today, it is the only ancient battlefield in China's famous ancient battles that still has its original appearance. It is also located at the intersection of the Three Kingdoms tourism line and the Three Gorges tourism line. It is a provincial-level key cultural relics protection unit

in mid March 2013, Guangzhou Yimeijia Furniture Co., Ltd. successfully signed a contract with Ms. song, a franchisee in Chibi. The footprints of Yimeijia wardrobe are about to set foot on this land, sounding the horn in the ancient battlefield of the Three Kingdoms, providing environmental protection, health, safety and comfort brand furniture for the people of Chibi, and bringing a new home life experience

(source: emga wardrobe official website http://www.yimeiga.com/zixunDetail.aspx?code=0201& ; id=151)





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