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"Spring Festival is coming, is it still suitable for decoration?" Recently, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network found in major decoration forums that on the one hand, the owners are worried about the impact of winter decoration on the quality of the project, and on the other hand, they are eager to move their new homes as soon as possible

after consulting experts from senior institutions in the industry, regular decoration institutions have solved the difficulties in the process and materials of winter decoration. As long as we choose a senior brand decoration company, the quality of winter engineering is absolutely guaranteed. Most importantly, the rising trend of prices shows that the prices of many materials and decoration are likely to rise after the festival. If you rush to decorate before the new year, you can also catch the last bus to save money

the reason why consumers are unwilling to decorate in winter is mainly because they are worried about the impact of climate. After the spring, wood products will be deformed, wall paint will crack, fall off and other phenomena. In fact, professional decoration agencies have made relative solutions to the problems of decoration details in winter, such as construction period, materials, management, technology, environmental protection, services, etc

in winter decoration, we can safely follow the arrangement of the designer. Before the new year, we can make the base course of wood products and coatings, so that the materials that release formaldehyde can volatilize as much as possible. After the new year, we can make and deal with the surface materials such as decorative panels and walls. This will not prolong the construction period, but also ensure the dryness of the substrate, killing two birds with one stone! As for others, such as gypsum, paint, wall and floor tiles, the process treatment is more exquisite, which will vary according to the climate. Years of construction experience has proved that the quality of decoration in winter is no different from that in summer as long as the construction period is not rushed

in addition, there are two benefits for owners who choose to decorate before the year. First of all, many material stores will launch large-scale promotional activities before the new year, and the owners can at least save a lot of money in terms of materials by decorating at this time; Secondly, in terms of decoration design, many decoration companies will let multiple designers work together to make a design. Designers have more time and energy to communicate with owners and conceive design schemes. It is easier to produce high-quality products in design and better services

winter decoration, construction materials, furniture stores are all preferential

at present, the prices of many raw materials used in decoration have increased, such as woodworking board. Take five wooden signs as an example: the increase has reached 4% to 5%; The price of 425 grade cement increased by more than 10%, and the river sand increased by about 15%; The labor cost of almost all types of work has increased by more than 10 yuan per day on the original basis. We have budgeted that the cost of materials and labor accounts for 60% of the total cost of basic decoration. According to the current price rise, the total cost of decoration will rise by about 30%. According to the current upward trend of decoration materials, the decoration peak season may rise after the year. Therefore, it was a good opportunity for decoration before the new year





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