Popular bathroom decoration style in 2012

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The reporter found that the decoration of the bathroom is becoming more and more fashionable, luxurious and elegant, the layout pays attention to style, and the color pursues diversity. As for the bathroom decoration, each bathroom and sanitary ware product pays attention to beautiful lines and unified style. The overall collocation can create different atmosphere and feelings according to the owner's needs, which can be used “ Bathroom decoration style ” Such a clear concept expresses the overall needs of the owner

in 2012, bathroom decoration design is still a variety of styles coexisting, especially Chinese style, modern simplicity, North American style, Nordic style, classical luxury, etc., such as Chinese style, which mainly adds some Chinese elements in the bathroom, such as Chinese red, Chinese style hand painting, thick and simple bathroom cabinet, plum orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum and other colors

in terms of luxury style, it is mainly neoclassical, which is characterized by spacious and gorgeous, with Baroque architectural style, rich decoration and carving, and strong colors, which can make people feel magnificent

“ Ontario ” Series: Modern Art and fashionable and comfortable North American fashion

while North American fashion is more creative. Anhua sanitary ware is mainly represented in China, “ Bathroom fashion originated from North America ” It is precisely because they have adhered to the business line for more than ten years that all their products are the embodiment of the purer and more original style in North America

this style integrates many elements. On the whole, it feels clean and bright, and brings people a high-end and relaxed atmosphere. The colors are mainly mixed with white, light yellow, light green, light gray, etc. intelligent technology can be seen everywhere, such as water-saving toilet, intelligent toilet, Jacuzzi, luxury shower room, etc

in the bathroom and decoration market in 2012, the market popularity of North American fashion is quite high. It is reported that in some large and medium-sized cities, about 50% of owners will consider North American fashion when purchasing sanitary ware and decoration, and its mention rate has far exceeded that of neoclassical, Nordic, modern simplicity, etc

“ Phil ” Series: North American fashion with color

in addition, the decoration style of color bathroom also has a certain market. Colorful colors can bring wonderful effects to the bathroom. Bright dark blue, yellow, light green, romantic purple, gorgeous red, goose yellow, etc. are all adopted by the owners. If the colors are matched properly, green can make people feel as if they are in nature, while bright red can create a fashionable atmosphere. Romantic purple is like being in a garden

naturalism is also a strong design style in 2012. From the planning of bathroom space and the creation of artistic conception, to material selection, appliance modeling and color positioning, it will reflect a natural theme design, such as the use of light green, the introduction of natural plants and light, etc. In fact, the naturalistic style is also largely extracted from the North American fashion of Anhua sanitary ware

according to the comprehensive evaluation, in the gray and busy cities with fast-paced life and serious pollution, North American fashion is a kind of comfort for the soul. When you are in the bathroom, you can contact the sanitary ware with beautiful lines and enjoy the convenience brought by intelligent technology. At the same time, you can bathe in the skillfully introduced natural light and enjoy the scenery outside, which is undoubtedly more needed for people with high pressure





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