Even Virgo is impeccable in this design

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As a Virgo, Xiaobian admits that he is forced to do something. He will reflect on himself three times a day, and his heart will collapse

as a Virgo

Xiaobian admits that he is forced to look at himself three times a day

his heart is broken

the computer desktop has only common icons

documents should be marked with month and day

documents should be classified into systems

make a plan that can be rehearsed in his brain for N times

make complementary food for children once, make several kinds of vegetables

and change patterns every day

cleaning the floor requires three processes

if you don't like it, your husband will go his own way The standard of everything: end! Beauty

as a leader in the customized home furnishing industry

Yilian whole house customization

has a wonderful interpretation of "perfection"

the TV cabinet below

is designed from the perspective of Virgo

so that you who pursue perfection

have your own dream home

pure beauty series

the overall TV cabinet itself is an ornament, and a variety of pattern designs meet different needs. White represents purity, elegance and holiness, highlighting the master's elegant quality of life and the beautiful pursuit of happiness

Arc de Triomphe series

the design of the Arc de Triomphe is as grand as its name, and the carving adds a touch of romance and elegance to it. When the Arc de Triomphe is presented in white, it is beautiful and atmospheric. Coupled with exquisite trinkets, an ideal simple European space is instantly presented in front of you

the design of the semi closed opening is lively and flexible, and it is not rigidly attached to the general strip frame. The neutral color matching of light cloth pattern is simple and atmospheric, which is versatile with other colors in the room, has a strong sense of hierarchy, and creates a broad spatial vision

phantom series

because of its excellent quality, the popularity of Finnish wood has remained high in recent years. The role of TV cabinet is not a single TV and simple storage, but multi-functional. Combining with the bookcase to collect books, it adds a sense of meaning, and it is also the beauty of the living room

gentleman series

the design of TV cabinet and bookcase, which combines postmodernism and fashion, reflects the romantic and extraordinary quality life. Gentleman grey adds a quiet and calm temperament

Yilian whole house customization

create a high-value home for you

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