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How to see whether the overall wardrobe is environmentally friendly

there is so much knowledge about the customization of the overall wardrobe! I just saw whether the overall wardrobe is an environmentally friendly wardrobe, and I don't understand it. What exactly is a safe overall wardrobe? Later, I consulted friends from furniture companies in the building materials industry and checked some information on the Internet. I learned whether the overall wardrobe is safe or not, mainly including the following four aspects. Let's have a look

safe board and board level of wardrobe

when decorating, the most afraid thing is that formaldehyde exceeds the standard, because formaldehyde may cause cancer. If you want to be environmentally friendly and safe when making an overall wardrobe, you'd better use E0 grade and other relatively healthy and environmentally friendly plates

formaldehyde emission of E0 grade plate ≤ 0.5mg/l. At present, the more common plate is E1 grade. Now many powerful enterprise wardrobe brands begin to use E0 plate. Because E0 grade board has the least formaldehyde emission, it is considered to be the healthiest board. Of course, the price of wardrobe is a little higher than that of E1 grade board. Here I would like to remind all owners that it does not mean that E0 grade plates have no formaldehyde emission, but there are few, which can be ignored

safe board veneer of wardrobe

melamine veneer is best used for the veneer of wardrobe board, because it is wear-resistant, water-resistant and beautiful

in this case, melamine panels will not be harmful. Because the melamine panel is made of panel paper impregnated with melamine glue and cured under high temperature and high pressure, there are basically no volatile harmful components after curing

there are also some boards that look good because they were pasted with poly paper and gorgeous paper, or solid wood veneers. It looks good, but it's not very environmentally friendly, because it needs to be painted on it. Paint must volatilize formaldehyde. If the paint quality is poor, formaldehyde will be severe, and the wardrobe will not be environmentally friendly, which will also affect the environmental quality of the overall home

why is it important to seal the edge of the wardrobe? Because if the edge banding is good, it can prevent the formaldehyde emission of the plate. Second, if the edge of the wardrobe is firm, fine and beautiful, the overall wardrobe will certainly look good, which can also extend the service life of the wardrobe

in order to seal the edge of the wardrobe well, only large machines can be used, so only relatively large wardrobe manufacturers can have this strength. Small factories are manual edge banding. No matter in terms of aesthetics or quality, they can't be compared with large factories

hardware for wardrobe safety

to make an overall wardrobe, the money for hardware should be spent or should be spent. The brand is relatively guaranteed. Well known hardware brands in the market, such as DTC, dinggu and foreign German Heidi poetry, are all very good. However, generally, only some big wardrobe manufacturers will use it, and there are many wardrobe brands in Fuzhou market. Esther's wardrobe is German Heidi's. Heitishi is one of the world's famous hardware brands. To be honest, with such hardware, I think the grade of the wardrobe seems to be improved




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