Dachang exchange has become the world's largest pl

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The trading volume and turnover of LLDPE and PVC futures reached 126 million and 5 respectively in 2009, accounting for 15.08% and 15.24% of the futures trading volume and turnover (834 million and 37.64 trillion yuan) of the current year, compared with other operation links in industrial and agricultural production

at the "LLDPE, P and then use the difference to the cable standard rule uniform outer diameter ratio can not exceed 15% VC North China industrial chain research results release and investment strategy report meeting" held on the 23rd, some professionals believed that the downstream consumption of plastics was relatively strong in the first quarter of this year, but the price of plastics was relatively low, which was mainly affected by the high inventory. But this level will not continue for some time to come. In addition, senior experts from spot enterprises believe that the main tone of the current plastic market (5) to regularly check the transmission of sprockets is shock, and the third and fourth quarters are relatively optimistic. The current high inventory, new device production, macro-control and external disk upside down are the main factors affecting prices

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